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McDonald’s is Not So Sweet

Yesterday, I went to the McDonald’s in the pedway of the 233 N. Michigan Avenue building in Chicago. My hope was to get one of those $1 large drinks for either a soda or sweet tea. I am crazy about sweet tea. Although I noticed something was out of place. Normally all the soft drinks are in an open space where people serve themselves and can get refills. HOWEVER, I saw that the sweet tea was moved to behind the counter. I was shocked.

When I asked the friendly employee what was up she told me that the sweet tea was being abused by people getting refills. I was perplexed. I could not understand. Sweet tea at this location and other locations has been/is available for refills. What a joke. I’d like to know who in management wanted to stop the “abuse.”

Speaking of jokes, check out McDonald’s web page for “news.” The most recent press release is dated October 25, 2007. Wow, you’d think a big company like that would have something newer. I guess they got distracted from writing new press releases while guarding the sweet tea.


Bad Music Makes for Bad PR

Earlier this week I took the TC Public Relations team out for “TCPR Healthy Day.” The goal was to encourage our staff to think healthy while at work. I treated for lunch (had to be a salad or something non-greasy).

We went for a walk to Millennial Park because walking and salads are both very healthy. The connection is awesome for “TCPR Healthy Day.” Anyway, there was a band, if you can call them that, performing at the Pritzker Pavilion. They were simply awful. Everyone on my staff agreed, even though some have more progressive tastes in music than I do.

Here’s my point: many people from around the world come to Chicago to see a first class city and everyone within earshot of that “band” heard crap, to put it simply. The quality of the music was laughable in a painful way and gave a terrible impression to any listener (despite the free concert it was clear that most people wanted to stay away).

When it comes to public relations, keep in mind that what you say is heard beyond the scope you might have intended for it. So if you are making bad noise, there may be people who are listening that don’t want to listen and will remember your sour notes.