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Saturday Night Live is Still Dead

As you know, “laughs” is a part of my blog’s title, so it’s obvious that I love comedy. I’ve been a clown, have done stand up, and have also taken Second City classes (which have helped my speaking engagements, too). I’m always looking to have a laugh after a long workweek, and I used to watch Saturday Night Live often. But not anymore.

A lot of people watch it, and lots of people have tuned in to that show for years, so SNL must be doing something right…right? Wrong. It’s just not funny anymore, which is too bad because they’re on a big network with a long history. But SNL has lost its heart and the essence of what made it funny.

So what’s funny, you ask? I like Newsbusters. Sure, they’re mostly a news site that has a lot of facts and figures, but they know how to make news funny, not stuffy or stale. Which is what SNL is: stuffy, stale, and dead. That show should learn from their older episodes to find out what funny and fresh look like.

Below is the latest Newsbusters video. It just goes to show that online video is 10 times funnier than what we can find on TV.


Fashionable Proofreading

People have pointed out that I need to do a better job of proofreading my blog copy. What’s “funny” about that is that I’m such a detailed and a perfectionist type of person. So it frustrates me that the copy is not correct.

To give credit where credit is due, I thank my friend Margaret, who has helped me with my writing skills (not my proofreading talents). She has a blog for lovers of the written word that has gotten international attention:

Now, it’s easy for me to use the excuse that because I need a vacation (leaving tomorrow), that’s the reason the proofreading is so bad. However, it doesn’t hold water. Margaret pointed out that clients or future customers might see my blog and notice the mistakes.

So I guess this post is really about something unfunny with PR. Clear communication is always in fashion. I love to write (Thanks Margaret). However, that final clean up job with copy can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your image.

In case you’re wondering where I am going on vacation, my wife and I are traveling to Alabama to visit my aunt and cousin.


Who’s Funnier: Clinton or Obama?

I have never considered myself to be “politically savvy.” It seems like it was not until I was in my 30s that I took voting seriously. Now that I finally understand my voting privileges, along comes the fun with “Punch and Judy” show for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. And of course, McCain seems to have gotten to his assumed Republican nomination by some default that I cannot understand. All this to set up a joke I use to illustrate what I do as a PR professional:

“PR pros can make John McCain look like he’s breathing, we can make Hillary Clinton look like a woman, and we can make Barack Obama look any color you’ll vote for.”

OK, I might not be the most politically correct PR person. However, this year’s nomination process is the biggest joke of the 21st century. Bigger than the biggest joke of the the 20th century, “Take my wife, please.”